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25 April 2008 - 6:01:51pm

We are really excited to have this website for family members to view your genealogy. We are working on another type of site that would allow more interaction between Raines ancestors. Please be patient with us as we work on that site to personalize it and figure out the type of information to be included. If you have problems with this website, feel free to contact Rob Tucker or Linda Tucker by clicking on the links below. If you have suggestions about what you would like included on either website please forward those thoughts on as well to either of us. We'll all learn together!
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30 July 2014 - 5:14:22pm

Top 10 Surnames
1Rucker 50
2Raines 43
3Harris 37
4Cox 14
5Bailey 9
6Wirt 7
7Pyle 7
8Shults 6
9Job 6
10Waddle 5
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Given Names
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Upcoming Events
Harris, James James31 July 1804210Birth 
Beaman, Keith John Keith JohnAugust 199618Death 
Rutherford, James B. James B.August 197935Death 
Wirt, John Wesley John Wesley2 August 1883131Birth 
Clark, Flossie Mable Flossie Mable3 August 199420Death 
Raines, Charles Legrand Charles Legrand4 August 1860154Birth 
Graves, Darrell Ernest Darrell Ernest5 August 1914100Birth 
Bailey, Sophrona Alice Sophrona Alice5 August 1867147Birth 
Bailey, Nelson Douglas
Sherlock, Mary Melissa
Nelson Douglas7 August 1907107Marriage 
Purcell, Mary Elizabeth Mary Elizabeth8 August 192886Death 
Wirt, Russell Lowell Russell Lowell10 August 200410Death 
Betcher, Tonya Renee Tonya Renee12 August 196450Birth 
Copeland, Alice Leola Alice Leola14 August 198331Death 
Wirt, Raymond Wesley Raymond Wesley15 August 200113Death 
Rucker, John G. John G.15 August 1822192Birth 
Raines, Charles Legrand
Harris, Ella
Charles Legrand15 August 1883131Marriage 
Rucker, Joseph Ephraim Joseph Ephraim16 August 191599Death 
Cox, Edith Edith17 August 199717Death 
Hildreth, Joy Maxine Joy Maxine20 August 192589Birth 
Waddle, William Clifford William Clifford22 August 197044Death 
Raines, Opal Columbia Opal Columbia24 August 199618Death 
Raines, Gertrude Ethel Gertrude Ethel25 August 197341Death 
Raines, Peggy Luella Peggy Luella25 August 192787Birth 
Gates, Albert Gwyn Albert Gwyn25 August 1910104Birth 
Raines, Mary Jane Mary Jane25 August 1845169Birth 
Raines, Joseph Edward Joseph Edward26 August 1873141Death 
Austin, Carl Benjamin
Raines, Peggy Luella
Carl Benjamin26 August 194866Marriage 
Bailey, Nelson Douglas Nelson Douglas27 August 1879135Birth 
Wirt, Russell Lowell
Phillips, Maybelle
Russell Lowell27 August 193678Marriage 
Raines, Gertrude Ethel Gertrude Ethel29 August 197341Burial 
Given Names
Total events: 30
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