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We are really excited to have this website for family members to view your genealogy. We are working on another type of site that would allow more interaction between Raines ancestors. Please be patient with us as we work on that site to personalize it and figure out the type of information to be included. If you have problems with this website, feel free to contact Rob Tucker or Linda Tucker by clicking on the links below. If you have suggestions about what you would like included on either website please forward those thoughts on as well to either of us. We'll all learn together!
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Earliest Birth Year Peter Rucker  (I241)  
Birth about 1660

Death February 1743 , Orange, Virginia, USA
Latest Birth Year Tonya Renee Betcher  (I1107)  
Birth 12 August 1964 Bend, Deschutes County, Oregon

Death 22 July 1991 Linn County, Oregon
Earliest Death Year John Rucker  (I243)  
Death January 1742
Latest Death Year Albert Gwyn Gates  (I768)  
Birth 25 August 1910 Kellogg, Idaho

Death 17 February 2008 Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA
Person who lived the longest
Marjorie May Glover  (I917)  
Birth 1 May 1896 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Death 7 November 1994 Salem, Marion County, Oregon
Average age at death
Family with the most children
James William Cox + Edna E. Rucker  (F516)  
Marriage 10 June 1900 Albany, Linn County, Oregon
Average number of children per family

Most Common Surnames
Raines, Rucker
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Top 10 Surnames
1Rucker 50
2Raines 43
3Harris 37
4Cox 14
5Bailey 9
6Wirt 7
7Pyle 7
8Shults 6
9Job 6
10Waddle 5
On This Day ...
Raines, Claude Harris Claude Harris2 September 197044Death 
Waddle, William Clifford William Clifford2 September 1904110Birth 
Raines, Alonzo Clarence
Caldwell, Pearl Lucille
Alonzo Clarence2 September 193876Marriage 
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Raines, Claude Harris
Glover, Marjorie May
Claude Harris4 September 194866Marriage 
Cox, Carrie Lee Carrie Lee5 September 1909105Birth 
Cox, Cecil L. Cecil L.5 September 1909105Birth 
Raines, Forrest Idyl Forrest Idyl6 September 197440Death 
Raines, David Harvey David Harvey6 September 1874140Birth 
Harris, George Washington George Washington9 September 1830184Birth 
Shults, William William10 September 194569Death 
Harris, Ephriam Ephriam11 September 1801213Birth 
Harris, John John11 September 1799215Birth 
Shults, Allen Allen12 September 1894120Death 
Buckbee, Hugh Daniel (Dan) Hugh Daniel (Dan)13 September 199321Death 
Bailey, John Wesley John Wesley13 September 194569Death 
Austin, Carl Benjamin Carl Benjamin13 September 192391Birth 
Bailey, Levi Cooper Levi Cooper14 September 195064Death 
Morris, Julina Rose Julina Rose16 September 1886128Birth 
Raines, Darwin Aaron
Longfellow, Iris Mae
Darwin Aaron16 September 197836Marriage 
Marquardt , Earl (NMI), Jr. Earl (NMI)20 September 192391Birth 
Pyle, Iva Iva20 September 1897117Birth 
Raines, Alonzo Clarence Alonzo Clarence20 September 1893121Birth 
Rucker, Carrie M. Carrie M.20 September 1889125Birth 
Rucker, Angus Angus21 September 1836178Death 
Raines, James Henry James Henry22 September 1846168Birth 
Raines, Alonzo Clarence
Marshall, Effie May
Alonzo Clarence22 September 194470Marriage 
Rucker, James Franklin James Franklin24 September 1907107Death 
Wirt, Robert Lee Robert Lee26 September 20077Death 
Rucker, Carrie M. Carrie M.26 September 1893121Death 
Raines, LaDonna Fay LaDonna Fay28 September 193282Death 
Raines, Charles Clyde Charles Clyde29 September 191698Birth 
Wirt, Cecil Waldon
Holman, Pearl Althea Furrow
Cecil Waldon29 September 195856Marriage 
Heseman, Dee James Dee JamesOctober 199915Death 
Cox, Cecil L. Cecil L.October 1909105Death 
Scott, Phyllis Greig Phyllis Greig1 October 191995Birth 
Cox, Crystal Crystal2 October 191599Birth 
Raines, Claude Harris
Deakins, Grace Violet
Claude Harris2 October 1911103Marriage 
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Total events: 34
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